PCCSC Match Race Championship


Saturday, October 14:

B-E-A-U-tiful conditions for the PCCSC Match Race Champs. SBYC members spectated as the teams squared off immediately adjacent to the club. Racing got underway at 12:30pm and all races were completed by 4:00pm in a building but consistent Southwesterly breeze shifting west and maxing out at 16 knots. Courses ranged from 14-21 minutes in length. Starts were competitive as expected and speed was reasonably comparable between teams. But ultimately Stanford had the most consistent maneuvering and despite taking a penalty in one race and giving UCSB the lead, they were able to scrap back enough of a lead to complete their penalty and win that race. In the end, Stanford went undefeated at 6 wins, 0 losses. Complete results below. Harrison Vandervort and Sidney Gathrid were outstanding umpires and Lucas Pierce was great on mark set. Thanks to Augie Dale (Stanford) for jumping in and fixing a popped rivet on a mainsheet block. Thank you to Ryan Eastwood (UCSB) and the gauchos for supplying some equipment to keep the races running. Thank you to Kerry Deaver (CMA) for helping out on RC.

1st - Stanford: 6 wins, 0 losses. 2nd - UCSB: 3 wins, 3 losses (beat Cal Poly twice, beat CMA once). 3rd - Cal Poly: 2 wins, 4 losses (beat CMA twice). 4th - Cal Maritime: 1 win, 5 losses (Beat UCSB once)

Sunday, October 15:

All races in the format completed on Saturday.

Score summary

2UC Santa BarbaraGauchos22
3Cal PolyMustangs33
4Cal MaritimeKeelhaulers44