MCSA Sloop Championship


Saturday, September 23:

The regatta was 20 minutes late in starting due to teams that did read the NOR and a NO Show by Illinois which required an adjustment of the Boat Rotation. The competitor's meeting was held and the differences in the Flying Scots and other collegiate boats was explained. The boats were turned in their wells, sailed rigged and while the RC set the course which due to an estimated wind allowed for the longest course possible in the river. The wind was 8-10 knots for most the day with a few gusts above that and an average current with the wind of about 4 knots. Unfortunately, several boats sailed in the area of the weather mark for a while delaying the start of Race 1 for 15-to 20 minute Race one which started at 10:45 indicated that the competitors were still getting used to the boats as several were late at the start. The course was W4 and lasted 32 minutes for the first boat to cross, and another 7 minutes for the last boat. Race 2 was a W5 started at 12:05. The course was also shortened by 20%. At the start more were boats were on the line and it looked like a normal start. At the end of this race the fleet went in to the lagoon to change boats this took little longer than expected, because the shore forgot to hide the box lunches. Race 3 was started at 12:55 and was a W4 in 6-8 knots of wind and the first boat was finished in21 minutes. Race 3 resulted in a protest and a DF right as the finish.Race 4 was a W5 and started at 2:08 and finished at 2:28. The fleet went to the lagon for a boat Rotation and 20 minutes to finish off the Box lunches. Race 5 W4 started at 3:35 in winds of about 10-12 knots and finished at 3:52.. The last race of the day was Race 6 a W5 with winds of 8-10 knots. It finished at 4:13. The boats were put away and the competitors treated to a Hotdog - Hamburger meal, The protest was resolved and Indiana was DSQ in race 3 for hitting a mark.. .

Sunday, September 24:

A short competitor's meeting was held with reminders from the day before and need to finalize o RP Forms before leafing. The boat were rigged and the RC put out the marks There was a small delay in getting the course set as the Off-set mark decided to go down river and had to be reset. The wind was generally in at the same direction but a little lighter and varitable, Again n this meant that the current was going in the same direction as the wind, Race 7 a W4 started at 10:22 and the first boat finished at 10:42. Race 8 started at 11:00 and he first boat finished at within 28 minutes. Race 8 a W5 started at 12:22 and the fist boat finished a 12:45. the wind speed was 7 knots. Race 10 a W5 started at 12:52 and finished at 1:40. The wind was lighter form 4-5 knots.

The boats were put away and box lunches distributed. An awards ceremony was held. The teams were read off in reverse order Toledo was last, followed by Hillsdale. Indiana was presented with engraved third place silver plates. Second place went o Wester Michigan #2 along with engraved plates. Western Michigan #1 was the overall winner and was presented with 3 silver plates an will have their name engraved on the Tiesen perpetual trophy for the first time.

Many thank you's go to the members of the Detroit Yacht Club for putting such a fine event: Bill Heller, Chairman, Robin Heller, Scorer, Al Minsterman, boat repair, Ed Theisen Chief Judge, George Griswold, PRO, and many others who staffed Mark-set, Safety boat the members of the DYC Scot fleet who learned the bottoms of the boat before the event.

Score summary

1Western MichiganBroncos 11919
2Western MichiganBroncos 22323

Score history

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