Intrepid Trophy - MAISA Match Race


Saturday, September 23:

Pairings and Scores:

Due to Tropical Storm Ophelia, high winds prevented any racing from happening.

Sunday, September 24:

On Sunday, racing began in a nice 10-15 knot southeasterly breeze. We were able to cruise through the first 2 flights before a rain storm came through and took the wind away during the third flight. By the time the wind came back in and the course was re-set, there was no longer sufficient time to finish the round robin before 1300. Per MAISA rules, the top 2 teams from Group A and Group B from mini series 1 advanced to the Semi-Final. In Group A, Georgetown advanced with 2 points, NY Maritime advanced with 1 point and Fordham was eliminated. In Group B, Navy advanced with 1 point and Hobart/William Smith advanced with 0 points. The Semi-Finals saw Georgetown against Hobart/William Smith and Navy against NY Maritime. Both Navy and Georgetown won their respective Sami-Finals and advanced to face each other in the Finals, while NY Maritime and Hobart/William Smith met in the Petit-Finals. The Finals and Petit-Finals were closely fought, with both going to 3 matches and featuring numerous lead changes. In the end, Georgetown came out victorious with Navy second, Hobart/ William Smith third and NY Maritime fourth. A huge thanks to our umpires - ChUmp Billy Martin, Andrew Cole, Brad Milliken, Jed Bell and Nora Ong.

Score summary

3Hobart & WilliamStatesmen33
4NY MaritimePrivateers44