Mass Maritime Invite


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 3 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

BrownBrown Bears111333
FairfieldFairfield Stags222444
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers 1333555
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers 2444666
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies 1555777
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies 2666888
Roger WilliamsRoger Williams Hawks777999
Salve ReginaSalve Regina Seahawks888101010
U. Mass/ AmherstU. Mass/ Amherst Minutemen999111111
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs101010121212
Rhode IslandRhode Island Rams111111131313
WesleyanWesleyan Cardinals121212111
WilliamsWilliams Ephs131313222

B Division

BrownBrown Bears222444
FairfieldFairfield Stags333555
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers 1444666
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers 2555777
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies 1666888
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies 2777999
Roger WilliamsRoger Williams Hawks888101010
Salve ReginaSalve Regina Seahawks999111111
U. Mass/ AmherstU. Mass/ Amherst Minutemen101010121212
UMass DartmouthUMass Dartmouth Corsairs111111131313
Rhode IslandRhode Island Rams121212111
WesleyanWesleyan Cardinals131313222
WilliamsWilliams Ephs111333