Jefferson Cup


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AmericanAmerican Eagles113355771
Catholic U AmericaCatholic U America Cardinals224466882
Christopher NewportChristopher Newport Captains335577113
Penn StatePenn State Nittany Lions446688224
U PittsburghU Pittsburgh Panthers557711335
VirginiaVirginia Wahoos668822446
Virginia TechVirginia Tech Hokies771133557
William and MaryWilliam and Mary Tribe882244668

B Division

AmericanAmerican Eagles224466882
Catholic U AmericaCatholic U America Cardinals335577113
Christopher NewportChristopher Newport Captains446688224
Penn StatePenn State Nittany Lions557711335
U PittsburghU Pittsburgh Panthers668822446
VirginiaVirginia Wahoos771133557
Virginia TechVirginia Tech Hokies882244668
William and MaryWilliam and Mary Tribe113355771