Ross Trophy


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 10 races.

A Division

Boston UniversityBoston University Terriers222222222
BrownBrown Bears 1141414141414141414
BrownBrown Bears 2666666666
TuftsTufts Jumbos 1151515151515151515
TuftsTufts Jumbos 2191919191919191919
TuftsTufts Jumbos 3111111111
TuftsTufts Jumbos 4212121212121212121
TuftsTufts Jumbos 5444444444
TuftsTufts Jumbos 6101010101010101010
U.  Mass/ BostonU. Mass/ Boston Beacons 1111111111111111111
U.  Mass/ BostonU. Mass/ Boston Beacons 2333333333
Rhode IslandRhode Island Rams777777777
WellesleyWellesley Blue171717171717171717
Worcester PolytechWorcester Polytech Worcester Polytech161616161616161616