Jesuit Invitational


Saturday, September 15:

Teams arrived for the day at 9:00 to a fading southerly breeze. The fleet hit the water at 9:30 but by the time they hit the racecourse, the breeze had begun to swing to the North. After an hour of waiting for the new breeze to fill, a course was set in a light NNE breeze. One race was completed with lots of course shifts to keep everything square. A second race was attempted but was abandoned when the breeze finally died. At 1:15, the teams went in for lunch and a wind delay on shore. Around 2:30, teams headed back out in what looked like a promising NE breeze. A racecourse was set near Hart Island in an attempt to race in a more consistent breeze. By the time the first race was attempted, the breeze died entirely. Teams went back to shore and officially called it a day at 4:30. Many thanks to all the coaches and alternates who helped move marks as we continuously reset for the breeze. Report time remains 9:00 A.M. tomorrow.

Sunday, September 16:

Sailors arrived in the morning to no wind on Eastchester Bay. After about an hour on land, a light SE breeze began to fill and sailors hit the water. One race was started in exactly 3 knots of breeze but the conditions deteriorated and the race was abandoned. Sailors delayed on the water while the RC went to test breeze in a number of possible racecourse locations. When it became clear that there wasn't anywhere to set a course, sailors were sent in to delay on land. After an hour on land, when it became apparent that the seabreeze would not fill before 3:00, racing was called for the day at 1:30. Thanks to Fordham sailors Matt Alfano and Scott McKenzie for working tirelessly on the RC boat as we attempted to get races completed. Also thanks to coaches Isaac Clark, KJ Jones, and Sarah Warren for their help on the water. Hopefully next time the breeze yields better racing conditions.

Score summary

1Hobart & WilliamStatesmen 311
2FordhamRams 222
3FordhamRams 333
4Hobart & WilliamStatesmen 244
5Hobart & WilliamStatesmen 155
6FordhamRams 466
7PennsylvaniaQuakers 177
8NY MaritimePrivateers 388
9FordhamRams 199
10PennsylvaniaQuakers 31010
11PennsylvaniaQuakers 21111
12Kings PointMariners 11212
13NY MaritimePrivateers 41313
14NY MaritimePrivateers 51414
15NY MaritimePrivateers 21515
16NY MaritimePrivateers 11616
17Kings PointMariners 21717
18Kings PointMariners 31818