Shields Trophy Regatta


Saturday, September 16:

Ten teams showed up for the Shields Trophy in Annapolis at the Naval Academy today. Unfortunately the wind did not. Although there was a little breeze to allow for some practice prior to first scheduled warning signal, it shut down right at the 1205 start and PRO Tom Stalder wisely hoisted AP sparing the fleet from the agony of racing in the drifter conditions.

He patiently and optimistically remained on station holding out hope for something to come in. When nothing materialized by 1445, he pulled the plug and the fleet motored back to USNA.

Skippers meeting and start times have been pushed forward 30 minutes tomorrow with the hope to get in some good races. Please check the Techscore regatta bulletin board for this amendment.

We would appreciate you doing your best wind dance tomorrow morning on our behalf...

Jahn Tihansky Regatta Chair

Sunday, September 17:

Despite moving up the start time for today and a light but promising southeasterly breeze in the race area early, at around 15 minutes prior to the first warning, it had nearly totally shut down.

PRO Tom Stalder valiantly moved the race area in pursuit of the sporadic zephyrs and did get manage to get a race started in arguably marginal conditions. But the bottom fell out again and the first leg time limit expired with the lead boats parked 200 yards from the weather mark.

The fleet reconvened back in the start area and the RC patiently waited for any sign of sailable wind. After another half hour passed with no wind and time having run out to have a chance to run the required minimum # of races, he signaled AP over Alpha and sent the fleet home..

So the Shields Trophy Regatta is in the books this year as a non-event.. The first time I can recall getting totally shut out for lack of wind for an intercollegiate regatta at Navy..

Thanks to PRO Tom and his crew of volunteers and Midshipman as well as the volunteer NASS safety officers for giving of their time and efforts for the weekend.

Jahn Tihansky Regatta Chair

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