It's The Crew's Regatta


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

BrandeisBrandeis Judges1133
BrownBrown Bears2244
Emmanuel College Saints3355
MITMIT Engineers4466
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers5577
McGillMcGill Redbirds6688
MiddleburyMiddlebury Panthers7799
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies881010
TuftsTufts Jumbos 1991111
TuftsTufts Jumbos 210101212
U. ConnecticutU. Connecticut Huskies11111313
New HampshireNew Hampshire Wildcats 112121414
New HampshireNew Hampshire Wildcats 2131311
Worcester PolytechWorcester Polytech Worcester Polytech141422

B Division

BrandeisBrandeis Judges2244
BrownBrown Bears3355
Emmanuel College Saints4466
MITMIT Engineers5577
Mass MaritimeMass Maritime Buccaneers6688
McGillMcGill Redbirds7799
MiddleburyMiddlebury Panthers881010
NortheasternNortheastern Huskies991111
TuftsTufts Jumbos 110101212
TuftsTufts Jumbos 211111313
U. ConnecticutU. Connecticut Huskies12121414
New HampshireNew Hampshire Wildcats 1131311
New HampshireNew Hampshire Wildcats 2141422
Worcester PolytechWorcester Polytech Worcester Polytech1133