Davis Cup


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Iowa StateIowa State Gold113355
Iowa StateIowa State Cardinal224466
Northern Michigan Wildcats335577
NorthwesternNorthwestern Wildcats446688
IllinoisIllinois Illini557799
IowaIowa Hawkeyes66881010
MichiganMichigan Wolverines77991111
MinnesotaMinnesota Gophers 188101011
MinnesotaMinnesota Gophers 299111122
WisconsinWisconsin Badgers 110101133
WisconsinWisconsin Badgers 211112244

B Division

Iowa StateIowa State Gold224466
Iowa StateIowa State Cardinal335577
Northern Michigan Wildcats446688
NorthwesternNorthwestern Wildcats557799
IllinoisIllinois Illini66881010
IowaIowa Hawkeyes77991111
MichiganMichigan Wolverines88101011
MinnesotaMinnesota Gophers 199111122
MinnesotaMinnesota Gophers 210101133
WisconsinWisconsin Badgers 111112244
WisconsinWisconsin Badgers 2113355