Mid-Week Women's Invite

A Division

BrownBrown Bears 12222
BrownBrown Bears 23333
Connecticut CollegeConnecticut College Camels5555
Johnson and WalesJohnson and Wales Wildcats8888
MitchellMitchell Mariners9999
ProvidenceProvidence Friars10101010
Coast GuardCoast Guard Bears 16666
Coast GuardCoast Guard Bears 27777
WesleyanWesleyan Cardinals11111111

B Division

BrownBrown Bears 112121212
BrownBrown Bears 213131313
Connecticut CollegeConnecticut College Camels14141414
Johnson and WalesJohnson and Wales Wildcats18181818
MitchellMitchell Mariners19191919
ProvidenceProvidence Friars20202020
Coast GuardCoast Guard Bears 115151515
Coast GuardCoast Guard Bears 217171717
WesleyanWesleyan Cardinals21212121