Chris Loder Trophy


Saturday, September 24:

The breeze tried, really tried to come in but it never materialized. After a grilled cheeseburger lunch sailors returned to their books to study or watched several UNH sailors use the skid steer to bring CDR down as we continue to work on the venue, attempting to expand usable space as much as possible. At 3:00 the festivities of the day were called. Sailors were reminded that the infamous Wildcat Muffins will begin to be served at 9:00 am tomorrow. The forecast isn't promising but the sun is predicted to shine so maybe not all will be lost. I'd like to add a huge welcome to the Plymouth Sate Panthers. they have just joined the NEISA ranks. In case you see a rotation or final scores and wonder where they went don't fret. Because they are not listed in TechScore I have resorted to entering them under the PC Friars name as there weren't any other alpabetic choices. So, to be clear PC Friars ARE NOT sailing in the Chris Loder Trophy. The Plymouth State Panthers are and their scores are under the PC name for now. That was the only way to do it.

Sunday, September 25:

Sunday greeted the sailors with the infamous Wildcat Muffins and as a bonus Chris Loder who was unable to speak yesterday presented a valuable lesson on giving back and greed. Having been optimistic on the forecast of light breeze by mid morning a tentative course had been set. Alas it was not to be. Glass continued all day and after consultation with Brian Swingly the NESIA rep the decisions to call it was made and sailors packed up around noon and left.

Thanks to all the Wildcats who came both days to help with both on the water and shore jobs. A special thanks to our judge Kevin Buruchian.

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