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Upcoming schedule

NameHostTypeScoringStart time
McCurdy Memorial RegattaDelawarePromotional2 Divisions10/10/2015 @ 09:30
David Lee Arnoff TrophyHobart & William SmInterconference2 Divisions10/10/2015 @ 09:30
Carl Van DuyneKings PointConference ChampionshipSinglehanded10/10/2015 @ 09:45
SEISA Men's Singlehanded ChampsTexas A&MConference ChampionshipSinglehanded10/10/2015 @ 10:00
SEISA Women's Singlehanded ChampsTexas A&MConference ChampionshipSinglehanded10/10/2015 @ 10:00
Nicholas Barnett TrophyBowdoinIn-Conference2 Divisions10/10/2015 @ 10:00
Moody TrophyRhode IslandInterconference2 Divisions10/10/2015 @ 10:00
Tom Curtis Memorial RegattaGeorgetownIn-ConferenceCombined10/10/2015 @ 10:00
Protest TrophyBatesPromotionalCombined10/11/2015 @ 10:00
McMillan CupNavyTwo-Conference1 Division10/24/2015 @ 10:00
Kennedy CupNavyInterconference1 Division11/06/2015 @ 10:00