Peak Foliage


Sunday, October 21:

Wow, crazy day at Mendums. 7 teams in CD were set up to sail a butterfly (X) course) to maximize fun reaches and minimize capsizes. A few teams came unprepared for the breeze and cold water sailing in jeans or leggings and some had spray gear. The rest had either dry suits or wetsuits. Even before the first race there were several rescues with 1 boat in the rocks and another aground on another shore plus carnage with the fleet that was able to get out to the course.

The first race was held but multiple capsizes with snuggles to right there boats. Breeze was NW 18-22 with a recorded gust at 30. The fleet retired after the first race as they were struggling to stay upright. Thanks to Tom, Clay and Emily for rescuing capsized boats on the docks, in the rocks and generally assisting all shore duties. Thanks also to Gareth from UNE for helping with one rescue and super thanks to Jared from Wentworth who assisted the coach boat with multiple rescues.

Amherst was a late drop.

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