Sperry Top-Sider Women's Semifinals

HostSouth Florida
DateMay 21-22, 2013
TypeNational Championship Regatta


Tuesday, May 21:

Teams arrived to sunny skies and warm temperatures around 80 degrees this morning at Magnuson Hotel Marina Cove - where the competitors are sailing. Winds were from the east, a rare direction for the venue, at about five knots. As the day progressed the temperatures rose to the mid-80s and the winds became inconsistent.

The wind died and began to shift around in the middle of the day when the race committee called for lunch on shore and a break while they waited for the sea breeze to fill in. The winds came in from the south and filled to about 10 knots out of the southwest. The conditions held for a while until afternoon/evening thunderstorms came in and caused another delay in racing. The competitors were able to get a little more sailing in after the storms, but the race committee called it a day around 7:30 p.m. eastern time.

Teams are sailing in Club FJ’s on trapezoid courses. Both A-division and B-division completed eight races today.

Wednesday, May 22:

The sailors arrived to temperatures in the 80s, partly cloudy skies and a light 5-knot breeze from an easterly direction. The first race of the day was scheduled to start around 9 a.m., however the easterly breeze died and the race committee went into a postponement.

Unfortunately the wind did not fill in time for the Semi-Finals time limit and no races were sailed this morning. The results for the eight races sailed in each division of Semi-Finals yesterday stand.

The nine teams that qualified from the Semi-Finals series, listed in order, are: Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Eckerd College, Brown University, Georgetown University, University of South Florida, Connecticut College, Roger Williams University and William Smith College.

Thank you to our judge team of Tom Rinda-Chief Judge, Carrie Greene, Susan Wallace, Rob Overton and Jared Hickman. The USF and Eckerd Sailing teams for shore and on-ther water support and management and the Magnuson Hotel for the great venue!

Score summary

1CORCornell UniversityBig Red264773
2DARTDartmouth CollegeBig Green434083
3ECKEckerd CollegeTritons6540105
4BRBrown UniversityBears5454108
5GTNGeorgetown UniversityHoyas5458112
6USFUniversity of South FloridaBulls3482116
7CCConnecticut CollegeCamels2597122
8RWRoger Williams UniversityHawks6366129
9HWSHobart and William Smith CollegesStatesmen7472146
10URIUniversity of Rhode IslandRams10742149
11TUFTufts UniversityJumbos8375158
12UHUniversity of HawaiiRainbows7783160
13CGAU. S. Coast Guard AcademyBears11564179
14ODUOld Dominion UniversityMonarchs9790187
15SCUSanta Clara UniversityBroncos94101195
16MICHUniversity of MichiganWolverines111114225
17WISUniversity of WisconsinBadgers119111230
18WWUWestern Washington UniversityVikings127132259

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated. Note that the races are ordered by number, then division, which may not represent the order in which the races were actually sailed.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. The legend is listed in order of rank as of last race. Nodes specify the score as of that race for that team.Western Washington VikingsRunning winner1A1B2A2B3A3B4A4B5A5B6A6B7A7B8A8BRankCornell Big RedDartmouth Big GreenEckerd TritonsBrown BearsGeorgetown HoyasSouth Florida BullsConnecticut College CamelsRoger Williams HawksHobart & William Sm StatesmenRhode Island RamsTufts JumbosHawaii RainbowsCoast Guard BearsOld Dominion MonarchsSanta Clara BroncosMichigan WolverinesWisconsin BadgersWestern Washington Vikings14(14)3(17)4(21)7(28)4(32)8(40)1(41)4(45)10(55)2(57)6(63)11(74)4(78)9(87)11(98)10(108)2(2)16(18)2(20)16(36)2(38)14(52)4(56)8(64)9(73)11(84)2(86)14(100)1(101)7(108)3(111)11(122)17(17)10(27)17(44)8(52)16(68)7(75)11(86)10(96)15(111)14(125)16(141)9(150)8(158)5(163)15(178)1(179)5(5)4(9)6(15)5(20)1(21)9(30)2(32)9(41)4(45)1(46)1(47)2(49)5(54)12(66)2(68)5(73)3(3)8(11)9(20)6(26)10(36)1(37)3(40)7(47)7(54)5(59)3(62)4(66)3(69)3(72)5(77)6(83)9(9)1(10)13(23)9(32)9(41)4(45)13(58)1(59)2(61)3(64)8(72)7(79)7(86)8(94)4(98)7(105)10(10)5(15)3(18)2(20)13(33)2(35)5(40)11(51)6(57)8(65)7(72)10(82)2(84)6(90)8(98)14(112)6(6)2(8)14(22)12(34)7(41)16(57)6(63)12(75)11(86)7(93)11(104)6(110)18(128)13(141)1(142)4(146)11(11)17(28)10(38)15(53)17(70)15(85)14(99)5(104)13(117)13(130)14(144)16(160)14(174)18(192)18(210)15(225)18(18)9(27)11(38)14(52)15(67)12(79)10(89)13(102)5(107)15(122)15(137)8(145)9(154)17(171)14(185)2(187)4(4)6(10)7(17)4(21)14(35)6(41)8(49)6(55)8(63)12(75)5(80)18(98)10(108)2(110)7(117)12(129)12(12)14(26)12(38)10(48)6(54)11(65)15(80)14(94)12(106)17(123)12(135)15(150)12(162)4(166)13(179)16(195)7(7)12(19)5(24)17(41)5(46)5(51)9(60)3(63)16(79)6(85)13(98)5(103)16(119)10(129)12(141)17(158)13(13)13(26)16(42)1(43)8(51)18(69)12(81)17(98)3(101)4(105)10(115)13(128)6(134)14(148)9(157)3(160)8(8)7(15)8(23)3(26)18(44)10(54)16(70)2(72)18(90)9(99)9(108)1(109)13(122)1(123)17(140)9(149)1(1)11(12)1(13)13(26)3(29)3(32)7(39)18(57)1(58)10(68)4(72)3(75)11(86)11(97)6(103)13(116)16(16)15(31)18(49)11(60)12(72)17(89)17(106)16(122)14(136)16(152)17(169)12(181)15(196)16(212)10(222)8(230)15(15)18(33)15(48)18(66)11(77)13(90)18(108)15(123)17(140)18(158)18(176)17(193)17(210)15(225)16(241)18(259)