Salt Pond Invitational (SS2)

HostRhode Island
DateSeptember 22-23, 2012
TypeIn-Conference Regatta


Saturday, September 22:

Racing was delayed until about noon when the maritime layer burned off and the seabreeze filled in. We towed most out to the racecourse in the “lower pond” as the breeze built to about 5 knots. We ran 10 W4s (with offsets and separate gates) from about noon until just after 4pm. By the end the southerly breeze was up to about 9knots. One protest was filed at the end of the day and it was disallowed.

Sunday, September 23:

The day’s racing was very different from the day before, with major differences in wind velocity and direction, with a North Westerly median heading. Breeze was 5-12 knots. We ran 6 more races using the same course, but the breeze direction and proximity to the channel as a result, along with much more powerboat traffic on Sunday made for some substantial obstructions and sea state variation on the racecourse. There were no breakdowns, injuries, or major incidents to report. No protests were followed through with. All in all 16 races using a combined fleet format made for good fun and competition for all.

Score summary

1BCBoston CollegeEagles53119172
2URIUniversity of Rhode IslandRams70123193
3CCConnecticut CollegeCamels90133223
4RWRoger Williams UniversityHawks71159230
5TUFTufts UniversityJumbos85152237
6BRBrown UniversityBears122138260
7YALYale UniversityBulldogs190214404
8NUNortheastern UniversityHuskies211247458

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated. Note that the races are ordered by number, then division, which may not represent the order in which the races were actually sailed.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. The legend is listed in order of rank as of last race. Nodes specify the score as of that race for that team.B: Northeastern HuskiesRunning winner12345678910111213141516RankA: Boston College EaglesA: Rhode Island RamsA: Roger Williams HawksA: Tufts JumbosA: Connecticut College CamelsB: Boston College EaglesA: Brown BearsB: Rhode Island RamsB: Connecticut College CamelsB: Brown BearsB: Tufts JumbosB: Roger Williams HawksA: Yale BulldogsA: Northeastern HuskiesB: Yale BulldogsB: Northeastern Huskies6(6)2(8)5(13)1(14)1(15)1(16)2(18)9(27)3(30)3(33)1(34)5(39)10(49)2(51)1(52)1(53)6(3)2(9)5(19)1(28)1(40)1(44)2(52)9(64)3(74)3(75)1(80)5(88)10(96)2(100)1(108)1(119)4(4)9(13)7(20)8(28)11(39)6(45)12(57)10(67)6(73)8(81)6(87)10(97)3(100)9(109)6(115)7(122)4(10)9(17)7(30)8(36)11(40)6(45)12(49)10(56)6(68)8(78)6(88)10(99)3(114)9(120)6(124)7(138)9(9)4(13)6(19)3(22)8(30)3(33)1(34)2(36)5(41)4(45)8(53)4(57)7(64)14(78)9(87)3(90)9(7)4(21)6(32)3(45)8(47)3(58)1(71)2(79)5(87)4(92)8(108)4(111)7(113)14(121)9(131)3(133)13(13)13(26)8(34)16(50)13(63)13(76)14(90)15(105)13(118)14(132)9(141)13(154)13(167)16(183)13(196)15(211)13(16)13(31)8(47)16(62)13(78)13(94)14(110)15(123)13(138)14(154)9(168)13(184)13(200)16(215)13(231)15(247)5(5)1(6)1(7)2(9)9(18)7(25)6(31)1(32)2(34)7(41)3(44)2(46)6(52)7(59)7(66)5(71)5(15)1(26)1(29)2(39)9(54)7(68)6(75)1(86)2(100)7(115)3(122)2(134)6(138)7(148)7(151)5(159)2(2)3(5)4(9)7(16)6(22)10(32)3(35)4(39)4(43)9(52)2(54)9(63)1(64)3(67)12(79)6(85)2(11)3(21)4(30)7(35)6(42)10(57)3(67)4(70)4(77)9(89)2(102)9(109)1(121)3(132)12(143)6(152)1(1)12(13)2(15)4(19)3(22)9(31)9(40)5(45)1(46)2(48)4(52)6(58)5(63)1(64)2(66)4(70)1(8)12(13)2(27)4(41)3(46)9(48)9(53)5(59)1(68)2(74)4(85)6(86)5(95)1(108)2(113)4(123)12(12)8(20)15(35)11(46)14(60)8(68)15(83)14(97)11(108)11(119)12(131)14(145)14(159)5(164)14(178)12(190)12(14)8(31)15(43)11(55)14(65)8(77)15(88)14(104)11(120)11(133)12(148)14(163)14(174)5(186)14(201)12(214)