Moody Trophy

HostRhode Island
DateOctober 6-7, 2012
TypeIntersectional Regatta


Saturday, October 6:

Saturday: Conditions for collegiate sailboat racing don’t get too much better than what was had on day 1 of the 2012 Moody. We had breeze out of the south at 10-15 knots with maybe a few gusts a bit higher. The sun was out and the temps were in the 70s. We sailed in the “Outer Pond” in close proximity to Gardner Island where the rotations took place without much carnage. 8 races were completed in each division using windward/leeward courses with offsets and independent gates. We had a few small breakdowns that were handled in between races but none were filed. No protests were filed either.

Racing was really tight all day long, with crowded mark roundings and some really close finishes. Along with the great skill shown by the competitors, some fine sportsmanship was displayed as well, with many 720s taken and good camaraderie between races. Our volunteer judges of Will Whitman, Emma DeAguiar, and Jeremy Henry had a pretty uneventful day, but surely enjoyed the glory of their beloved Salt Pond.

The forecast for tomorrow shows we’re in for a much different day tomorrow…

Sunday, October 7:

Sunday: Unfortunately, the weather forecasters had it nailed all weekend. After a great Saturday, Sunday’s conditions were not race-worthy with unstable, very light northerly breezes that would never settle in. We waited it out all day on the Outer Pond and on Garner Island, but never attempted a start. (We were teased a few times.)

Sincere thanks are still in order to all of the Rhody undergrads who put the effort into this event: Thank you Will Snyder for being Beach Master, Zach Obrien and Darya Blout for running Markset, and Sam Cushing for chasing the wind around with the PRO. Also, to the Rams competing who still helped to make the event a success, thanks. And again, to our alumni who came back to help judge: Will Whitman, Emma de Aguiar, Kerry Mahoney, and Jeremy Henry, thanks for giving back. And finally, thanks to the Harvard and Connecticut College Sailing Teams who supplied the 19th boat and sails.

URI is proud to host so many great teams and we appreciate everyone’s effort to make it to The Salt Pond. The team who came the farthest, earned the win with great racing on Saturday. Congratulations Stanford.

Score summary

1STANStanford UniversityCardinal313061
2BRBrown UniversityBears285179
3COCCollege of CharlestonCougars573491
4BCBoston CollegeEagles5950109
5YALYale UniversityBulldogs6560125
6SMCSt. Mary's College of MarylandSeahawks5969128
7RWRoger Williams UniversityHawks7262134
8BOWBowdoin CollegePolar Bears7285157
*9HARHarvard UniversityCrimson8676162
*10ECKEckerd CollegeTritons8181162
11HWSHobart and William Smith CollegesStatesmen8677163
12DARTDartmouth CollegeBig Green10364167
13TUFTufts UniversityJumbos69101170
14URIUniversity of Rhode IslandRams9282174
15MITMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineers52123175
16CCConnecticut CollegeCamels11972191
17BUBoston UniversityTerriers122130252
18COLColumbia UniversityLions130136266
19FRDFordham UniversityRams146137283
*Head-to-head tiebreaker

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated. Note that the races are ordered by number, then division, which may not represent the order in which the races were actually sailed.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. The legend is listed in order of rank as of last race. Nodes specify the score as of that race for that team.Fordham RamsRunning winner1A1B2A2B3A3B4A4B5A5B6A6B7A7B8A8BRankStanford CardinalBrown BearsCharleston CougarsBoston College EaglesYale BulldogsSt. Mary's SeahawksRoger Williams HawksBowdoin Polar BearsHarvard CrimsonEckerd TritonsHobart & William Sm StatesmenDartmouth Big GreenTufts JumbosRhode Island RamsMIT EngineersConnecticut College CamelsBoston University TerriersColumbia LionsFordham Rams1(1)7(8)3(11)1(12)12(24)4(28)3(31)1(32)9(41)7(48)10(58)13(71)6(77)12(89)15(104)5(109)3(3)13(16)9(25)19(44)14(58)8(66)2(68)13(81)16(97)15(112)11(123)4(127)16(143)9(152)1(153)4(157)2(2)9(11)4(15)11(26)2(28)5(33)8(41)5(46)1(47)2(49)2(51)14(65)5(70)3(73)4(77)2(79)17(17)19(36)18(54)17(71)18(89)18(107)18(125)18(143)6(149)12(161)14(175)17(192)13(205)16(221)18(239)13(252)14(14)6(20)19(39)10(49)13(62)12(74)14(88)12(100)17(117)16(133)12(145)3(148)17(165)7(172)13(185)6(191)4(4)8(12)5(17)6(23)1(24)1(25)1(26)2(28)12(40)4(44)3(47)1(48)OCS(68)11(79)11(90)1(91)18(18)18(36)16(52)16(68)17(85)14(99)16(115)15(130)18(148)17(165)18(183)18(201)11(212)19(231)16(247)19(266)9(9)4(13)7(20)9(29)16(45)2(47)11(58)3(61)15(76)11(87)16(103)11(114)15(129)6(135)14(149)18(167)10(10)12(22)15(37)3(40)11(51)15(66)9(75)10(85)11(96)5(101)8(109)9(118)14(132)10(142)3(145)17(162)15(15)17(32)11(43)18(61)DNF(81)19(100)DNS(120)16(136)DNS(156)18(174)DNS(194)19(213)DNS(233)15(248)DNS(268)15(283)13(13)11(24)13(37)15(52)8(60)13(73)15(88)7(95)14(109)3(112)7(119)8(127)8(135)8(143)8(151)11(162)5(5)10(15)8(23)12(35)15(50)9(59)10(69)4(73)10(83)10(93)17(110)12(122)12(134)13(147)9(156)7(163)7(7)16(23)14(37)13(50)9(59)17(76)5(81)17(98)2(100)19(119)1(120)10(130)9(139)17(156)5(161)14(175)8(8)3(11)10(21)5(26)5(31)11(42)13(55)6(61)3(64)9(73)13(86)15(101)3(104)4(108)17(125)9(134)11(11)2(13)2(15)2(17)3(20)6(26)12(38)9(47)8(55)6(61)9(70)16(86)7(93)18(111)7(118)10(128)6(6)1(7)1(8)4(12)4(16)7(23)7(30)8(38)4(42)1(43)5(48)5(53)2(55)1(56)2(58)3(61)16(16)14(30)12(42)14(56)10(66)16(82)4(86)14(100)5(105)14(119)15(134)7(141)1(142)14(156)6(162)8(170)12(12)15(27)17(44)7(51)7(58)10(68)17(85)19(104)13(117)8(125)4(129)6(135)10(145)5(150)12(162)12(174)OCS(20)5(25)6(31)8(39)6(45)3(48)6(54)11(65)7(72)13(85)6(91)2(93)4(97)2(99)10(109)16(125)